Guide to Baby’s First Year

Dr.Raja’s new ebook, Parenting MD: Guide to Baby’s First Year, was released on in February 2014.

Parenting MD: Guide to Baby’s First Year, is filled with straightforward and up-to-date information from preparing for your baby’s birth to celebrating baby’s first birthday.

Medical knowledge changes faster than the speed of traditional book publishing, so when it comes to your child’s health, having up-to-date information is important. This is the first time a pediatrician has written a baby guide book specifically for e-readers.  Parents can now have access to the information within days of the final edit and receive free electronic updates.

You can quickly access helpful information about feeding, sleeping, development, and common ailments, as well as a glossary of terms and conditions. It utilizes the technology of the electronic format for portability and ease of navigation, with links to useful resources within the book and online.


  • Information on nutrition, including the latest research on introducing solid foods
  • Recommendations released on February 2014 by the American Dental Association on fluoride use for infants
  • Easy-to-use table for how much to feed your baby and how often
  • Links to external websites for real time information on important topics for your child: CDC vaccine schedules, car seat safety recommendations, safe sleeping, etc.
  • Information on common illnesses, natural remedies that work and don’t work, and when to call for help
  • Month-by-month guide for infant development

“You won’t find gimmicks, guilt or invented vaccine schedules in my book”, Dr. Raja said. “It has recommendations based on real science; that is the only way parents can truly make educated decisions on what is right for their family.”

This book can be purchased or given as a gift to anyone with a Kindle or free Kindle app on any e-reader (iPad, iPhone, Android, Nook, etc.).

10% of proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

If you purchased the book and want to receive free updated versions please go to your Amazon account and sign up for automatic book updates.


What readers are saying about the book

“Love how easy it is to find information that is concise. ” – Steve Matuszewicz

“This guidebook is fantastic. Dr. Raja’s approach is friendly and open and she provides guidance and advice in a way that makes the new parent not feel guilty. This guidebook is like having your best friend (who also happens to be a pediatrician) on speed dial for any questions you might have… The advice is very practical and takes into account different parenting approaches. I am recommending this book to all my new parent friends. ” – Alicia Gormican

“I definitely recommend this and plan to buy it for friends having babies now. ” – Jenny Beck

“I wish I had this book with my first baby, but it has been invaluable with my second.” -Wendy Craighill, founder of Social Media Simplifier

Raja’s sensible advice soothes new parents’ anxieties and gives up-to-date, practical answers to things like feeding, sleeping positions, tooth care, immunizations, and much more. This is the perfect guide for today’s parents and would be a welcome gift at any baby shower.”Cathe Fein Olson, author of Simply Natural Baby Food, The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook, and Lick It! Creamy Dreamy Vegan Ice Creams Your Mouth Will Love.

“Reading Dr. Raja’s book, Parenting MD: Guide to Baby’s First Year is like having your pediatrician sitting with you and personally advising you.”Sheila Cason, MD, FAAP

Parenting MD is a research-based, BS-free guide to baby’s first year.”Kim Lisagor, co-author of Disappearing Destinations